Residential Glass


My latest commission ” Hawaiian Time” is a series of  four 15” x 33” Original Stained Glass Hanging Panels in Custom Wood Frames to capture the feeling of Hawaii during the different times of day:  Sunrise, Day, Sunset, Night, for a wonderful couple who live in Las Vegas and have their roots ingrained in Maui.  So much fun to design and a joy to create in glass! They were thrilled as the panels were hung one by one!  They both said “We love our windows!”






This original custom Stained Glass Panel was commission by a couple who wanted privacy from the view of the houses across the street and the intense Las Vegas morning sun, as it is a very large window, 57 5/8” x 45 ¾” in size. Loving the desert mountain environment, I designed & created this “Red Rock Landscape” in glass. The stained glass window panel consists of 315 pieces of glass and 20 different shades of color.

After installation, the husband said that the stained glass panel was far beyond his expectations and the quality of workmanship superior & rare in this day & age!


NY Skyline Installed

I was commissioned to create this Original 67” x 54” Custom Stained Glass Panel in a Custom Wood Light Box of the 1970’s New York Skyline for a couple who were originally from New York during this time period. The client wanted a very dramatic & colorful rendering of this incredible subject matter. It was an emotionally moving and powerful art piece for me to create. The “New York Skyline” consists of 500 pieces of glass and 33 shades of colors. The client was said that it exceeded her expectations and beyond!

NY Skyline Day Installed  Me with NY Skyline




I designed this 5 ft x 20″ hanging window for a client’s home. The “Abstract Tiger” consists of 700 pieces of glass and 30 different shades of color! It changes intensity throughout the day and night. It is truly a mysterious and mesmerising piece. The homeowners are thrilled! This is one of two windows I created for the Safari theme of the client’s living room.


This “Zebra Family” stained glass window is the counterpart to the “Abstract Tiger”. It is a five foot hanging window consisting of over 900 pieces and 35 different colors of glass. The intensity of the colors change as the day progresses, making it a very spectacular and fascinating art piece. You can see both the “Zebra Family” and the “Abstract Tiger” in the photo below. A striking combination!! (Click on picture to enlarge.)

260_Zebrascrop (2)




I designed this 62”x  56” Original Hanging Custom Stained Glass Panel in Custom Wood Frame for a major San Diego sports team enthusiast who wanted the panel to hang in his home built-in display unit.  A very powerful piece.  The first words out of the client’s mouth when he saw it were “ Awesome!!  I love it! A great conversation piece in the house.”

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-2




406_rosescurrent (1)

This hanging stained glass window was designed from a picture I took of roses given to me by husband. They looked so beautiful in the afternoon light that I couldn’t resist creating a window to bring them to life in stained glass. The stained glass panel of “Roses” consists of 630 pieces of glass and 25 different shades of color.



I designed these Custom French Door Stained Panels of “Wild Horses” for a home office. The panels are 64″ x 20″ in 8 ft French doors. Each panel consists of 170 pieces of glass. They come to life during the day and they shimmer with the light in the office at night. I can create an original breathtaking combination like this for your home or office. The pictures below are close-ups of the horse’s head in each glass panel.


Close-up of Left “Wild Horse” head


Close-up of Right “Wild Horse” head


This 28” x 50” Birch wood framed Unique Original Stained Glass Panel, I designed & created in collaboration with framer Mike Davis, exceptional craftsman & artist. My love for Red Rock Canyon is the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind art piece!



“Autumn Flow” was designed as a free flowing stained glass piece to hang in it’s surrounding ornamental frame. “Autumn Flow” was recently shown and sold as apart of the Kathy Cartier Gallery at the Summerlin Art Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.



I created this combination fused and stained glass panel with wood craftsman, Mike Davis for my mom, as a surprise Mother’s day gift, of the painting I did when I was 5 years old. We were both thrilled when “That was Then (Age 5),This is Now(?)” my Original Hanging Stained Glass Panel won “2nd Place” and “People’s Choice” awards in the Professional Stained Glass Category in the Gallery of Excellence at the 2014 Glass Craft & Bead Expo.




Desert Bloom


Christine with Desert Bloom

I designed and created this 21″ x 25″ stained & fused glass panel from the original photograph I took of a Cholla Cactus Bloom in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. I loved the composition so much that I wanted to create it in glass. It consists of 575 pieces of stained and/or fused glass. “Desert Bloom” received First Place and the People’s Choice Award in the Gallery of Excellence at the 2009 International Glass Expo held in Las Vegas Nevada, April 1st-5th.



“Road Runners”


“Sloan Mountain” & “Road Runners”

A client who I created a custom hanging stained glass panel of “Sloan Mountain” for 8 years ago (above), contacted me to create two original stained glass panel inserts for his cabinets when he decided to remodel his kitchen. He loves “Road Runners”, so I designed a contemporary design that would compliment the Native American theme & colors of his kitchen decor. He was absolutely thrilled with them!! It was fun to be able to create these “Road Runner”stained glass panel inserts for his kitchen cabinets and have them compliment the original stained glass panel of “Sloan Mountain” that I created years ago!



“Into the Heart”


“Amber Eye”


“Purple Haze”

These 12″ x 12″ Contemporary Wall Mount Stained Glass Panels are pieces that I created which are displayed on various Clients’ walls as they are completely light independent and therefore, can be hung anywhere without regard to back lighting. I can create an unusual piece such as these to accent your home or office as well!



I designed and created this 9 1/2″ x 16″ Custom Vitri-Fusáille glass panel of “Nude Lighting” for a client who has a specialized interest in fine art. This Vitri-Fusáille glass panel is framed in a 13 1/2″ x 20″ Custom Light box so it can be lit day & night. Utilizing a favorite piece of furniture , I created a scene that would reflect a nude in the moon light..truly mesmerizing!