2017 Summerlin Festival of Arts

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  1. Susan Maika
    2018-03-31 at 08:58 — Reply

    Hi there,

    I attended your 2017 Festival of the Arts and loved it and plan to attend this year!

    I am trying to get in touch with one of your glass artist.
    I took her card and put it in a safe place and now can’t find it.

    It was a female artist who made glass flowers similar to Chihuly flowers at the Balagio.
    She told me Chihuly was her inspiration.

    I would like to purchase some of her art and would like to contact her.

    If you could send me her contact info OR if you are unsure exactly who it might be,
    please send me the contact info of a few female artist that fit this category, I would be grateful.

    Thank you.

    Susan Maika

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